The fast, simple way to buy and sell crypto, with no hidden fees.

Say goodbye to unfair margins and high commissions on every trade. Get a real market price with only a small fee.

We’re also busy building a multi-currency account, and a full Mastercard debit card, allowing you to invest or spend in any currency, anytime, anywhere.

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One account, truly integrated

We believe in traditional and digital currency as equals, in one elegantly and simply designed account that brings together the best of challenger banks and crypto exchanges in a single app.

Digital currencies, friction-free

Buy, sell and hold currencies at great rates with a single tap.


Fair and open

We provide low and transparent costs for crypto. We also don’t put a huge margin against buy and sell price, which make you lose instantly if you change your mind.


We take customer security seriously so Ziglu offers best in market insurance with £50,000 of your digital assets covered against cyber-attacks. For more details click here.


We use the latest security, encryption and monitoring to protect you – we do everything we can to ensure your money is safe because it’s as important to us as it is to you.

Coming soon:
Total card control

Don’t panic if you lose or misplace your card - just freeze it within the app and we’ll send a new one to you. Alternatively, if you find it again, just unfreeze the card from the app and continue to use it.

Coming Soon
Paying and spending

Pay anyone anywhere

Payments in any currency to family, friends or businesses – instantly and anywhere. We give you everything a bank would (including your own account number, sort code and IBAN) and then allow you to move, send and receive money faster, more directly and in your own name.

Everyday spending, everywhere

A Mastercard debit card that allows you to spend any currency (including crypto), anywhere in the world. We provide you with a smart, borderless account that lets you hold multiple currencies, and a debit card that converts instantly at point-of-sale if you don’t have the local currency. Spending crypto as well as traditional currencies is now simple and hassle-free.